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    "I love you, life" - "I love you too, being"

    Everything starts with a period of formation. It can be done in different ways, but in any case, it is a pivotal time, and one that leads more and more to living with Christ. This, however, is a a journey that is not finished when the time of formation finishes. Rather, it is an exciting lifelong endeavour – which greatly enriches our way of living in our Secular Institute.
    Our way of following Christ and of growing into our form of consecrated life has consecutive steps and stages, which St. Benedict of Nursia already hints at in his Rule when he describes the gradual growing into the community (cf. Rule of St. Benedict Chapter 58).
    Being a Benedictine community, living in community is important to us. Living together in a group is a training ground for mutually appreciating each other, all of whom God has brought together in this specific community.