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    In Jesu Namen unterwegs

    Our Way of life

    Fascinated by the possibilities our modern world offers, deeply moved by the longing for life and meaning we encounter in our fellow human beings, and affected by their manifold needs, God's call has reached us. In answering this call and with His message entrusted to us, we become companions for life.

    As a secular institute – a community of consecrated women in the heart of the world – this is our vocation: belonging first and above all to God, living ordinary lives in the different strata of society, and spreading the Gospel of God's love.

    Zeichen Gottes mitten in der Alltäglichkeit
    Das Symbol der brennenden Kerze steht für die Weihe des Lebens an Gott.
    Einfach dazwischen und da sein: Keine äußeren Kennzeichen, sondern allein unser Leben soll auf Christus hinweisen.
    In Seinem Namen unterwegs ...


    In taking our vows, we enter into a lifelong commitment to Jesus Christ. Following his example, we profess a life of poverty, chastity and obedience, in order to make visible the love and care that Christ bears towards man to this day.


    Our place in life is at the crossroads between God's good creation and the conflicts of our world. The place where we live and work is the very place where God meets us. It is there that his call reaches us, the call to imbue all things with the spirit of the gospel. It is an everyday way of life, to be done inconspicuously, mostly by way of our presence and by simple co-existence among others. No external characteristics but only the way we lead our lives should point to Christ.


    Just as the first disciples of Jesus went to towns and villages on His behalf, we too are on our way in His name. It is our task to spread Jesus's message in our day and into the social contexts of our lives, clearly and comprehensibly, in conversations, encounters and in actively shaping social processes. Together with those in need we work to improve their living conditions and to ensure that their dignity and rights are respected. Thus, our friendship with Christ gives rise to hope and solidarity for the people around us. In this way, our small, inconspicuous steps become gateways of God's loving care. This concern unites us wherever we live – in Europe, Africa or Latin America.