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    Kapelle im Zentrum auf dem Kupferberg

    Our Spirituality

    For us, women belonging to a missionary Benedictine community, St. Benedict of Nursia is a spiritual companion and guide. The rule of life he wrote opens up to us the sources of our relationship with God, our life as a community and our commitment to the people around us.

    • According to Benedict's instructions, we are making the Prayer of the Church our own – this great praise and supplication around the globe in the Liturgy of the hours – and thus we unite ourselves with people all around the world and with their concerns.

    • In the celebration of the Eucharist, we encounter the Risen Christ to whom we consecrated our lives, and experience the communion of the Church as our foundation of life.

    • In times of silent personal prayer – whether in adoration or in meditation and contemplation – we commend to the presence of God ourselves and all who are entrusted to us.

    • By reading the Bible together, as well as in spiritual discourse, we share the experiences we make in our journey of faith. Together we seek and find God in our everyday reality.

    Verschiedene Symbole stehen für zentrale Aspekte unserer Lebensform: „Hören“ auf Christus – im Wort der Hl. Schrift und der Regel St. Benedikts – und „tun, was Er uns sagt“

    A Life according to the counsels of the Gospel

    The Gospel teaches us that man's true freedom springs from his attachment to God.

    That is why we choose to live according to the counsels of the Gospel in poverty, obedience and chastity, »for the sake of the kingdom of God».

    Die Lebensregel des Hl. Benedikt ist uns Richtschnur für den geistlichen Weg
    Armut - leben in einer Haltung des Schenkens und Empfangens
    Gehorsam heißt Hören
    Im Gelübde der Ehelosigkeit binden wir uns ganz und gar an Gott
    Stabilitas - feste Verankerung
    Conversatio - niemals stehenbleiben

    Our vow of poverty means for us

    that nothing that is ours – the money earned, our time, our talents, the possibilities at our disposal – is our personal possession. All we have is given to us on loan, so that we may use it to help shape our world according to the message of the Gospel.

    Our vow of obedience according to the example of Jesus means for us

    living in a basic attitude of listening, thus trying to recognise God's will in daily events as well as in the great decisions of life. This applies to each individual as well as to the community as a whole. Specifically, it means for us paying attention to our daily chores and the demands that are made on us, as well as accepting our personal mission from the community.

    Our vow of chastity for the sake of the kingdom of God means to us

    opening our hearts to friendship with Christ, and consecrating to Him our whole life. Thus firmly attached to Him, we treat the people we meet with love and bring them near to Him.

    The specifically Benedictine vows of »conversatio» and »stabilitas» help us in a special way to let the Gospel leave its mark on us throughout our lives:

    Our vow of conversatio means for us

    converting our hearts and (re)turning to God, over and over again.

    Our vow of stabilitas means for us

    anchoring our lives in God, trusting to His perfect fidelity, and binding ourselves to our community forever.