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    weltweite Gemeinschaft

    About us

    "Passion for God – service to the people"

    this is at the heart of what we do, as members of the Secular Institute St. Boniface. To live thus, in the heart of the world, means getting involved in the daily grind: in ordinary, colourful, fast-moving, strenous everyday life. But we do not want to let our lives be determined by others, nor live superficially. As Christians, we strive to help shape our surroundings and our world in the sense of our Creator. In this, we draw our inspiration from Jesus Christ as the centre of our existence and our actions.

    This is also what the logo of our missionary Benedictine Secular Institute wants to express. It is characterised by three key elements: the cross, a globe, and the signal colour red. The arc of the globe rises from the centre of the cross. It embraces the whole of creation to which God speaks the Good News of His love. Christ Himself 'touches' the open circle of the world. The dot that lights up in the centre of the cross is repeated once again in the name of the community: as a call to action for us to let God's salvation take shape in our lives and to make it present in the places where we live, through our commitment to Christ.

    About me – testimonies of members

    We could write a lot about vocations. Yet it is much more important to live them, in all diversity of personalities, backgrounds and circumstances of life, then and here and now and everywhere. And often it is nothing spectacular at all, but a single moment in everyday life that changes everything! If you'd like to, just join this moment!

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    Way of life

    The key challenge of a secular institute is to live out our consecration to God in the heart of the world and in service to our fellow human beings.

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    Our Community

    Beyond all differences of culture, background and individual differences, we share the same goal: to go searching for God by way of a life in community.

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    In listening to God's Word, in prayer and the celebration of the liturgy, in living according to our vows we find sources of great strength for our existence.

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    Vocations may, and must, grow. The different stages of formation help in discerning and realising our personal way of living with God and in community.

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