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    Volcanoes around Lake Átitlan


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    South of Mexico, at the geographical centre of the American continents, lies Guatemala. It is a land of contrasts: rainforests in the lowlands of the northeast, volcanoes in the central highlands, and flat, fertile coastal strips in the southwest – but a land of contrasts as well between rich and poor, between ever-growing violence and the people's longing for peace.
    With approximately 15 million inhabitants, Guatemala is the most densely populated state in Central America. The majority of the inhabitants are Mayan, the rest of European or Asian descent. Guatemala's official language is Spanish, but the population speaks 21 different Mayan languages.

    This "land of eternal spring" has always attracted many tourists who are fascinated by the beauty of Guatemala's nature as well as by the kindness of its inhabitants and their religious and cultural customs.

    • to (young) women, especially from the indigenous population, emigrating from their impoverished villages to Guatemala City in order to find work

    • to young people from rural regions with few educational opportunities

    • to the many people in situations of illness and great need

    The members of our groups also play an active part in the pastoral services of their respective parishes, e.g. in welfare work, pastoral care for young people and families, in evangelisation and catechesis, by accompanying women's initiatives and small grassroot communities.
    It is also important for us to have good neighbourly relations with the local residents of the villages we live in, and, if necessary, to support those who cannot help themselves by their own efforts.