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    Weltweite Gemeinschaft


    In these times, the peoples of the world seem to betting closer to each other in a "global village". Their fates – but also wars, violence, natural disasters – challenge us to solidarity. For us, this may be solidarity of the community as a whole, e.g. in relief programmes, or solidarity in the environments of the individual groups in Europe, Africa and Central America.
    As a missionary Benedictine community, we are called to take an active part and try to relieve the needs affecting individuals or even pushing entire groups of people to the margins of society.

    Our projects are our way of trying to shape our world according to God's will. Serving disadvantaged and needy people is, for us, an expression of our devotion to Jesus Christ.

    Our solidarity with poor and suffering people becomes tangible in a threefold way:

    • by staying close to them and sharing fraternally with them to alleviate their need
    • by lending them our voice and carrying their needs before God in our prayer
    • by co-operating with them in the attempt of changing their living conditions.

    For us, our "option for the poor" means responding to the many forms of poverty today:

    • displacement – homelessness – migration
    • lack of a sense in life or spiritual homelessness
    • material poverty
    • loss of personal freedom and dignity
    • hopelessness caused by sickness and isolation

    In addressing those needs, we hope to be able to bring the people we meet into contact with God, so that they may experience his healing and saving love.

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