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    86 members (including members in the Centre of the Institute)

    The countries of Europe have drawn closer together, but Europe's Christian heritage seems to be evaporating fast. The Europe of today is once again in need of missionaries. Even if, for many people, their economic situation has improved, increasingly, many others are falling out of our social security schemes. In this historic context, we try to regard all areas in which we live and work as parts of our mission. Members of the community are active in various countries and different milieus. Within Germany, there is the Centre of the Institute as well as individuals or small groups living in nine cities, and one group each in Great Britain (London) and Spain (Talavera de la Reina).

    Our focus is on people who need our support, advice or help. Generally speaking, they are those who are easily marginalized and often materially and socially disadvantaged: Families, women, children or young people as well as the old and the sick. We try to be companions for them, to give them a voice and stand in for their needs, but also to offer them guidelines or support, e.g. in various projects and tasks:

    • (higher) education and / or personal formation – especially for women and adolescents – to give them choices for their lives.

    • making accessible our faith and the Church as realms of life – by accompanying people in their search for meaning, adults on their way to baptism, or groups from parishes ...

    • offering spaces of encounter and communication to families, in order to encourage, strengthen and support them in passing on their faith.

    • contact and attentiveness to sick, old and lonely people who easily get isolated in our surroundings and societies.