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    "I love you, life" - "I love you too, being"

    This stage of spiritual formation includes an introduction to spiritual life

    • on the basis of the Holy Scriptures,

    • in the spirit of the Rule of St. Benedict, and

    • according to the Constitutions of the Institute St. Boniface.

    This time should enable the person to grow ever more deeply into the form of life within the community, e.g. practising the "community of goods", taking over tasks in the group, shaping one's own rhythm of life in accordance with that of the community.

    It is a process of discernment, designed to lead to a free and responsible decision to follow Christ in the community. This decision becomes manifest by taking the vows (chastity, poverty, obedience, stability and conversation) for one year.

    During this period of training, both the community and the person in spiritual formation, keep up a process of dialogue and decide whether she can realise her personal vocation in our Secular Institute.